Chef Anne Quinn

Anne grew up as the youngest of five in a modest household with a strong emphasis on cooking great food for a crowd.  Family dinners were a nightly ritual with the occasional rare treat of a dinner out.  Anne learned early the importance of planning out a family meal, so dinner time would be less hectic and everyone had a chance to reconnect over a nutritious meal after a busy day. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Providence College and a master’s in business administration from Bentley University, Anne spent many years working in accounting, financial management and business consulting.  Through various job changes, one thing remained constant: spending a day in the kitchen was a relaxing and creative endeavor and a way to decompress from a long week spent in the corporate world. 

Anne fulfilled her passion for cooking and entered the Professional Chef Program at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts where she learned the techniques and methods necessary to refine her skills.  She graduated with high honors and was the recipient of the Degustibus Award for attention to detail in the preparation and presentation of food.

Now she takes that passion for cooking and puts it to work for her clients providing them with a variety of opportunities to get the most out of their own kitchens.

Anne is certified by the National Restaurant Association in food safety and sanitation. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals