Private Cooking Lessons

Why take a cooking lesson? Believe it or not, cooking lessons aren't just for people who don't know anything about cooking.

A well-structured cooking lesson can teach the novice where to start and coach the experienced cook through new techniques that will take meals from ordinary to extraordinary. Cooking lessons with My Chef Quinn will do more than just teach you how to make a meal better. We'll also teach you the reasoning behind various techniques so you understand why they work.

Cooking Lessons can be one-on-one sessions, or you can gather a group of like-minded food-loving friends together for a group class.

Cooking lessons make great gifts, too! Consider the unique gift of cooking lessons for that newly married couple to help them learn how to use all those new wedding presents. Or, get a cooking lesson for your friends with the newly renovated kitchen, so they can make the most of it with family and friends.

Rest assured we will work with you to tailor lessons around your cooking goals. Here are the most popular lessons provided by My Chef Quinn...

| Knife Skills | Eggs | Appetizers | Tasty Side Dishes | Sauces | Poultry | Meat | Pasta |

How does it work?

We'll discuss your cooking goals and develop a class or series of classes depending on your desires. Each class will include a lecture component and hands-on kitchen time. We'll start by talking about tools and techniques. Then we'll review the topical recipes for the class and start cooking. You'll be guided by a professional as much or as little as you need.

How big are the classes and where do they take place?

Your cooking lessons can vary in size from 1 to 6 people, and they will take place in the comfort of your kitchen where you'll soon be turning out meals that are sure to "wow" your family and friends.

Do I have to shop for ingredients?

We'll bring all the ingredients that are required for the recipes we'll be making during our hands on kitchen time.

What if I don't have the appropriate equipment?

Once you decide on a topic or technique, we'll conduct a brief equipment assessment. If you do not have specific equipment required to make any of the dishes on your menu, we'll be sure to bring it with us.