Here's what clients are saying about My Chef Quinn

"I have now been to two cooking parties with Chef Anne.  Both were wonderful experiences!  During the first class, Chef Anne taught us basics about cutting boards, knives and proper chopping techniques which we used to create delicious spring rolls.  THEY were just the appetizers!

I had such a good time at the first party that I hosted one at my house where we made delicious food including Risotto. Chef Anne is a pleasure to work with in selecting the menu centered around techniques.  I'm looking forward to the next cooking party in a couple of weeks where we’ll be making small plates at a friend’s house."

     Cheryl M., Ashland, MA

"I booked Chef Anne for a knife skills class for myself and a friend.  Not only was Anne a delight to correspond with and a flexible scheduler, her knife skills instruction literally transformed my relationship to kitchen tools!  I had taken a knife skills class at cooking school and learned zero.  By contrast, Chef Anne's instruction was very personal and highly informative."

"She watched us carefully, both to ensure safety and to gently correct our bad habits and guarantee that we were using and consolidating good form.  She also explained the 'why' of each technique, helping us understand the significance of every tip she offered.  As the class went on, we were able to apply what we had learned earlier to new challenges, demonstrating that Anne's approach to teaching really helped us 'learn to fish' as far as using a kitchen knife is concerned!"

"The best part is that Anne's teaching was so effective that I feel confident that I will be able to apply the techniques and rules she taught us long after our class with her... although we'll probably schedule a brush-up session just because she's so great to learn from!"

     AnnMarie M., Cambridge, MA

“I met Chef Anne an hour before my own surprise birthday dinner…. She came in with a plan, a great menu, fresh ingredients and a great attitude. My husband made arrangements for several of my best friends to join me in my cooking lesson, and we had a great time learning new techniques, and tasting things we had never made before. She made it fun, easy to follow and I am still making some of these dishes today!"

     Kelly C., Waltham, MA

"Anne has been our personal chef for over six months.  We engaged her after my husband's major surgery and my decision to take over his care on a full time basis.  I quickly realized that I needed someone who could prepare home-cooked meals in my kitchen.  Every week working with Anne has been a pleasure.  She prepares delicious dishes for us from her select menu, from our favorite family recipes and from the cookbooks of two favorite food network chefs."

"After our selections have been made for the week I do not think about food shopping or major food preparation.  Anne shops and comes to our kitchen and makes delicious dishes.   We really appreciate her easy going willingness to cook our selections with our input.  We have a refrigerator and freezer full of food that we love and that we know has been prepared with ingredients we know are good and good for us.  Now that my husband is better, we have an established routine with Anne that we look forward to continuing.  As well as being an excellent chef, Anne is a wonderful, lovely person."

     Mary and Claude T., Boston MA

"Anne prepared the food for a surprise birthday party I hosted.  The big surprise - the food was the toast of the event.  Her personal chef services surpassed all expectation from the menu selection, prep work, inspired dishes, to the clean up.  The next personal chef experience for me is right around the corner."

     Joe P., Boston, MA

"Anne was the guest chef at a party I attended.  The food - heavy apps and finger food - was delicious and inventive.  Anne's engaging and personable manner made everyone feel welcome.  Two thumbs up."

     Jeff  L., Boston MA

"We have a large family and we wanted to have a weekend away.  The thing we wanted to avoid was tons of time in the kitchen trying to feed 20 people.  That's where My Chef Quinn came in. Prior to the weekend event, we worked with Anne to create brunch, late afternoon snack and dinner menus to please little ones and older ones alike.  The My Chef Quinn team took over the kitchen and prepared food from morning until night creating a very special event for my extended family.  The food was delicious and the service was excellent.  It was a real treat for the entire family to enjoy themselves without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up.  We will definitely consider using My Chef Quinn for our future family gatherings."

     Chris M., Andover, MA

"I hired Anne to be my second in my kitchen when I realized an upcoming outdoor party was too large to handle myself (30 guests).  I am exacting in my kitchen so this was a big deal for me.  We discussed my menu, made some adjustments due to Anne's very good suggestions, and I felt confident that she would be perfect to assist me.   Anne was terrific.  She immediately put me at ease and I found that I was happy to hand over the reins of my kitchen.  We spent 1 full day cooking together and then, on party day, Anne ran my kitchen herself."

"I barely went into the kitchen through the entire party.  It was a wonderful party.  Everyone had a good time and my husband and I had a relaxing time of it too.  The food and buffet tables were gorgeous.  It all ran smoothly.  As always there are a few things that don't go according to plan, but Anne wasn't fazed by any of it.  She just calmly kept moving and getting it done.   People were in and out of the kitchen all day due to the particular traffic pattern of my house and that didn't bother Anne one whit either."

"I look forward to working with Anne again soon.  She's definitely My Chef Quinn!"

      Nina S., Waltham, MA

“We can’t say enough about the positive impact the prepared meals from My Chef Quinn have had on our lifestyle.  The ability to go to the refrigerator and select from a variety of delicious meals is fantastic. We can choose the portion sizes we want while having the option to mix and match the vegetables with the entrée.  The menu is extensive, delicious and healthy.  What a great way to simplify life for a busy family.”

     P.J. and Loretta, Ipswich MA