Cooking Parties

The kitchen is always the favorite place for people to gather during parties. Why not take that a step further and host a dynamic and interactive cooking party! A cooking party makes a great girls-or guys-night out right in your own kitchen. Or, bring together like-minded couples and friends for a fun and informative cooking lesson.

Together, with the help of a trained chef, you will learn tips and techniques to help you prepare and plate appetizing menu items that will taste all the more delicious because everyone at your party played a part in creating it.

How does it work?

Prior to your cooking party, we will work with you to design a menu with taste, culinary technique and accessibility in mind. We will concentrate on fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared simply, so you and your guests can recreate them in your own kitchens. Menus can take the form of small plates for a cocktail-style party or a sit down four-course meal. Your chef will shop for the ingredients, provide recipes and instruction and take care of the clean up while you and your guests enjoy yourselves.

How big can my cooking party be and where will it take place?

Your cooking party will take place in your home, so the size of your party depends on the size of your kitchen. The important thing to consider is how many people will attend the party and specifically how many want to be "hands-on participants". It's perfectly fine if all the guests don't participate in meal preparation. It is important to ensure everyone involved can work comfortably in your kitchen, and we do want to be sure we can make enough food to feed everyone. We'll work closely with you to plan the best cooking party possible for you and your friends.


What if I don't have the appropriate equipment?

Once you decide on a menu, we'll conduct a brief equipment assessment. If you do not have specific equipment required to make any of the dishes on your menu, we'll be sure to bring it with us.